Soft Light. Beautiful Pictures.

Taken with Graslon 4100D

Taken with Graslon 4100D Dome diffuser

Direct Flash

Taken with direct flash only

Photographers understand that when it comes to light sources, bigger is definitely better.  A studio may have a diffuser the size of an entire wall. The problem comes when you want to take the soft light with you. You don’t really want that umbrella mounted to your camera.

The Graslon 4100 flash diffusers offer a large, effective, soft light source by transforming your on-camera flash by enlarging the size of the source, not just putting a diffuser in front of your flash. This is accomplished by a series of carefully engineered reflectors and openings that bend the light before diffusing it, and is designed to be most effective when you are lacking close objects that would normally give you good bounce. The Graslon 4100 literally provides its own bounce.How the Graslon Flash Diffuser Works

Applications include weddings and events, outdoor and wildlife, product photography, portraits, macro, still life, and sunsets (just kidding). Anywhere you need a big, soft light on the go. Also works great on your slave units, and sits perfectly content on table, shelf, or tripod using the optional 4140 stand.

It’s like having a serious light panel. Only brighter. At much less cost. Even comes in amber for tungsten color balance.

We like it. We think you will too.

Graslon Flash Diffuser