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1962 Corvette

1962 Corvette

One of the truly great things about photography is the ability to capture people’s passions. This amazing 1962 Corvette was perfect to the very last detail, exhibiting the owner’s enthusiasm for this vehicle.

The photos displayed here show some of the advantages of using a soft light source as outdoor fill. Often in these situations there are regions of a picture where you simply need more light.

1939 Chevy

1939 Chevy

Here is a 1939 Chevy. The mid-afternoon sun leaves the engine compartment in the dark. Photographing the engine while maintaining  proper exposure on the exterior requires a little help.

39 Chevy no flash

Taken with no flash

This was taken with no flash.Part of the engine is in bright sunlight and the rest is in the shadow. Click on the photos to see more detail.

39 Chevy direct flash

Taken with direct flash

Adding fill from an on-camera flash balances the exposure nicely. Notice, however, the shadows from the support bar, wires, and radiator hose, etc. Exposure is good, shadows are not.

39 Chevy Graslon 4100F

Taken with Graslon Prodigy Flat

This was taken with the same flash with the Graslon Prodigy with Flat lens. Notice the shadow from the support bar has all but disappeared, and the other shadows are much more natural looking.

The Graslon diffusers can be used virtually anywhere a flash is needed, with superb results.