Graslon Kickstarter Photo Contest Results

Last fall we did a Kickstarter campaign to kickoff our new product, the Spark, our popup flash diffuser. We received a huge amount of support both during and after the campaign. It was a fantastic experience for us. We decided to hold a photo contest open exclusively to our 153 kickstarter backers. Visit our kickstarter page below to see our video:


Graslon Spark at Beach


Our first winner shown to the right is Paulette out of Los Angeles and Brazil. She sent us a fantastic photo using her Spark. She was able to supply a nice amount of fill lighting on the subjects and captured a beautiful sunset just before it went down. Great job, and congratulations to Paulette for winning a her choice of a new Prodigy, Insight + Spark, or 3 new Spark diffusers!

Flower in Evening

Flower in Evening


Our next winner was Travis out of Niagara falls Canada who took this great shot of a flower in the early evening using his Spark diffuser. I think it turned out quite nicely. Congratulations to Travis!