Mounting Instructions

Graslon’s mounting system is truly a revolutionary way to attach flash accessories to external strobes, we are very proud of this groundbreaking method.  The initial setup really is a simple process if the steps are all done in the proper order. Check out our instructional mounting video.  

Here are the steps:

Step 1:  Loosen the thumb screws and the Strap.  The four brackets should be free to move freely.










Step 2: Open the Brackets and Insert Flash










Step 3:  Tighten and Secure the Strap.  This will move all four brackets at once around the flash.  Really give the strap a good tug!  Don’t be shy!










Step 4:  Center Diffuser on the flash before tightening the thumb screws.










Step 5:  Tighten thumb screws.  Now the Diffuser can be attached or removed and only needs to be readjusted if fitting to another sized flash.











Troubleshooting Tips:

-The diffuser should be held onto the flash by the rubber pads.  If the pads are not contacting the flash the flash may be too far in.  There are some small “stops” on each bracket which keep the flash from going too far in.

-The strap needs to be tightened while the thumb screws are loose.  Once the strap is tight, tighten the thumb screws.

-Sometimes folks do not pull the strap tight enough.  If your diffuser is loose, fix it by loosening the thumb screws again and really tightening that strap.  Then retighten the thumb screws once the strap is tight and secure.