Cool Cooler even Cooler with Graslon

Here is a real world example of the difference a great diffuser can make:  A very inviting water cooler, just waiting to be photographed, complete with condensation.  The camera and flash were rotated to portrait position with flash to the left.

water cooler direct flash

Taken with direct flash

The first picture was taken with direct flash. The shadows and bright spots are less than desirable. Typical of direct flash.
Water cooler 4100F flash diffuser

Taken with Graslon 4100F flat diffuser

The second picture was taken with a Graslon 4100F Flat flash diffuser. Notice the smooth and soft shadows, and the more natural looking highlights.
water cooler 4100D flash diffuser

Taken with Graslon 4100D Dome diffuser

The third picture was taken with the Graslon 4100D Dome flash diffuser. Even softer.

This is a great example of the perfect use of the Graslon 4100. Close shot, not much natural bounce (ceilings were high).

Softer light. Better pictures.

Soft Light. Beautiful Pictures.

Taken with Graslon 4100D

Taken with Graslon 4100D Dome diffuser

Direct Flash

Taken with direct flash only

Photographers understand that when it comes to light sources, bigger is definitely better.  A studio may have a diffuser the size of an entire wall. The problem comes when you want to take the soft light with you. You don’t really want that umbrella mounted to your camera.

The Graslon 4100 flash diffusers offer a large, effective, soft light source by transforming your on-camera flash by enlarging the size of the source, not just putting a diffuser in front of your flash. This is accomplished by a series of carefully engineered reflectors and openings that bend the light before diffusing it, and is designed to be most effective when you are lacking close objects that would normally give you good bounce. The Graslon 4100 literally provides its own bounce.How the Graslon Flash Diffuser Works

Applications include weddings and events, outdoor and wildlife, product photography, portraits, macro, still life, and sunsets (just kidding). Anywhere you need a big, soft light on the go. Also works great on your slave units, and sits perfectly content on table, shelf, or tripod using the optional 4140 stand.

It’s like having a serious light panel. Only brighter. At much less cost. Even comes in amber for tungsten color balance.

We like it. We think you will too.

Graslon Flash Diffuser

Light, Light Everywhere With the Dome

4100D Dome Flash Diffuser

The Graslon 4100 flash diffusers are generally designed the send most of the light to the subject, not wasting “bounce” light when there is nothing from which to bounce.

Taken with flash only pointed up

Taken with Graslon 4100D pointed up

The exception is the 4100D Dome diffuser, which allows more light to travel in a broader path. It is excellent in situations where there are walls and ceilings, and is superb as a slave. A very willing slave.

These photos were taken in a large ballroom with about 20 foot high ceilings.  The flash was pointed straight up in both photos. In the first photo the direct flash sends the light straight up, but with the high ceilings the light comes mostly straight back down. In the second photo the 4100D Dome diffuser sends the light everywhere. Notice the far walls.
Click here for more info about the Graslon Dome Diffuser

Soft Light in Amber

Sometimes the ambient lighting isn’t the brilliant white of the camera flash. The amber version of the Graslon Flat Flash Diffuser is specifically colored to match the warm hues of tungsten lights often found in large banquet halls and meeting rooms. In rooms with no close bounce opportunities and warmer lighting, the Flat Amber Flash Diffuser is without equal.

Click here to view the product page for more info.

Graslon Flat Amber Flash Diffuser

…and a Beefier Stand

Graslon 4140 flash stand with flash and diffuser

The Graslon 4140 Flash Stand is great for using a Graslon diffuser as a slave. It will sit nicely on a shelf or table or can be attached to a tripod with the tripod socket (1/4-20 threaded hole) on the stand. The flash mounts to the hot shoe adapter on the stand. It is large enough to provide stability when using the Graslon 4100D or 4100F diffusers.

Graslon Prodigy and the new Insight Now Shipping!

When I was a teenager in the late sixties I began taking pictures for the school yearbook, newspaper, anyone that would let me. I could see my black and white pictures in a very short time (hours) and learn about exposure, composition, etc., because I always had access to a darkroom.  Retouching was by dodging and burning with the enlarger, special effects were with retouching pencils and masks, and it was not inexpensive.

Thing are very different these days.  Recently technology has created a dreamworld for anyone who likes to take pictures. You can see what you have taken instantly, image editing is easy and amazingly effective, special effects are endless, and the cost after equipment purchase is- zero!

Graslon was founded to provide innovative camera accessories based on the integration of photography solutions, mechanical design, state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques, and creative approaches to marketing. Our goal is to provide you with products that will help you fulfill your passion for taking great photos.

After extensive design, modifications, real world testing, more modifications, more testing, we are ready. Ready for you to experience another set of great tools in the activity of capturing and recording light. The activity we call photography.

Take lots of pictures. Examine them. Critique them. Then take more. Never before has excellent photography been so achievable by anyone. Especially you.

Our product offerings include diffusers we call the Graslon Prodigy (Model 4100), and the new smaller Graslon Insight (Model 4300). They are so unique and effective that our main challenge is communicating to you just what they do. They actually bend light from a flash, enlarging its size by methodically bouncing it with very precisely designed reflective surfaces,  then directing it through effective diffusers giving a large, soft light source you never thought possible on an on-camera flash. We welcome you to experience the incredibly soft light from Graslon.