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Light, Light Everywhere With the Dome

The Graslon 4100 flash diffusers are generally designed the send most of the light to the subject, not wasting “bounce” light when there is nothing from which to bounce. Taken with flash only pointed up   Taken with Graslon 4100D pointed up The exception is the 4100D Dome diffuser, which allows more light to travel […]

Using the Graslon Flash Diffuser

I.  Mount the Graslon Diffuser onto your external flash unit: Loosen elastic cinch strap. Loosen the thumb nuts (Four on the 4300, six on the 4100)  just loose enough so the 4 brackets slide easily- 2 or 3 turns. Insert flash head into brackets until flash head stops at tabs on brackets. Tighten elastic cinch […]

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