Zoom, Zoom!

One of the truly great things about photography is the ability to capture people’s passions. This amazing 1962 Corvette was perfect to the very last detail, exhibiting the owner’s enthusiasm for this vehicle. The photos displayed here show some of the advantages of using a soft light source as outdoor fill. Often in these situations […]

Open Shade a Snap!

Photographing subjects in open shade can be a challenge. The first picture of the tortoise was taken with natural light in mid-afternoon with very bright spots in the background and very dark areas on the subject. The next picture was taken with direct flash. The dark areas disappear, but the harsh shadows look like- a […]

Cool Cooler even Cooler with Graslon

Here is a real world example of the difference a great diffuser can make:  A very inviting water cooler, just waiting to be photographed, complete with condensation.  The camera and flash were rotated to portrait position with flash to the left. The first picture was taken with direct flash. The shadows and bright spots are […]