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Cool Cooler even Cooler with Graslon

Here is a real world example of the difference a great diffuser can make:  A very inviting water cooler, just waiting to be photographed, complete with condensation.  The camera and flash were rotated to portrait position with flash to the left. The first picture was taken with direct flash. The shadows and bright spots are […]

Soft Light. Beautiful Pictures.

Photographers understand that when it comes to light sources, bigger is definitely better.  A studio may have a diffuser the size of an entire wall. The problem comes when you want to take the soft light with you. You don’t really want that umbrella mounted to your camera. The Graslon 4100 flash diffusers offer a […]

Light, Light Everywhere With the Dome

The Graslon 4100 flash diffusers are generally designed the send most of the light to the subject, not wasting “bounce” light when there is nothing from which to bounce. The exception is the 4100D Dome diffuser, which allows more light to travel in a broader path. It is excellent in situations where there are walls […]

Soft Light in Amber

Sometimes the ambient lighting isn’t the brilliant white of the camera flash. The amber version of the Graslon Flat Flash Diffuser is specifically colored to match the warm hues of tungsten lights often found in large banquet halls and meeting rooms. In rooms with no close bounce opportunities and warmer lighting, the Flat Amber Flash […]

…and a Beefier Stand

The Graslon 4140 Flash Stand is great for using a Graslon diffuser as a slave. It will sit nicely on a shelf or table or can be attached to a tripod with the tripod socket (1/4-20 threaded hole) on the stand. The flash mounts to the hot shoe adapter on the stand. It is large […]