Prodigy Flash Diffuser Review


Lighting Equipment: Graslon Speedlight Modifiers:  It’s all done with mirrors

JAN 23, 2013 By Joe Farace …it is obvious that its founder, Dan Naramor, has taken the world of speedlight diffusers in new and better directions by producing clever and useful products…

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Camera Accessories: Graslon Prodigy

Prodigy Flash Diffuser Review

Flash Diffuser

Graslon’s new Prodigy flash diffuser adds a new level to portable diffusers for external flash units.  It’s intricate design gives you a much larger light source before it even starts to diffuse it.  This gives you an unparalleled softness that you will not get from other diffusers.  This one size fits all unit will work with any external flash and is quick and easy to adjust…

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Graslon Prodigy Diffuser Review

Prodigy Flash Diffuser Review

By Doug Gorsline …The Graslon Prodigy Dome Diffuser answers my need for an on-camera flash diffuser that significantly softens shadows to the point where they become unobtrusive.  The Prodigy is well-made and rugged enough to stand up well in daily use…

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Product Review: Graslon Prodigy 

Prodigy Flash Diffuser Review


MAY 16, 2011 – By Dan Havlik …I had thought I had seen them all but was surprised and impressed with Graslon’s jumbo Prodigy Dome Diffuser system, which is like having a miniature reflective umbrella built right into your flash head…

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Photoshop User Review of the Prodigy Flash Diffuser

Photoshop User Gives the Prodigy 4.5 out of 5 Stars

The build quality is very good…the photos were transformed. The lighting was beautiful and even from edge to edge…if you’re in the market for a quality flash diffuser, you owe it to yourself to check out the offerings from Graslon.

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The editor of Zoom Street magazine likes our diffuser

The Editor’s Blog: Prodigy Dome Makes Nice With the Light

It’s a Prodigy indeed! Right out of the box it’s a winner—born to make magic with your portable strobe.
I highly recommend adding the 4100 Series Dome to your bag of tricks. I’ll have more to say about this in the July issue of Zoom Street.

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