Graslon Insight Dome | Flash Diffuser | Model 4300D

Graslon Insight Dome | Flash Diffuser | Model 4300D

Soft Light. Beautiful Pictures.


Good pictures need light, but often using flash means creating harsh edges and unflattering shadows and highlights. The Graslon Insight flash diffuser has an optical reflector system that redistributes the light before sending it through the diffusion lens. This softens edges, reduces nasty shadows, and helps to create a much more natural and beautiful picture.

The Graslon Insight has rigid sliding-and-locking mounting brackets that fit nearly all Canon, Nikon, Sony, Metz, Olympus, Pentax, Sigma and many other external flash units securely. With no need for adhesives, our mechanism allow for a secure, yet quickly removed, mount that doesn’t gum up your flash and won’t fall off. Click here for EASY mounting instructions.

The Insight looks professional, like it belongs on the job alongside your expensive gear and it will do its job unnoticed instead of generating awkward stares and conversations as people try to figure out what exactly that thing on your flash is.

The Insight comes with your choice of either a flat or dome front diffusion lens. The flat is more directional and useful when you are using the flash as a fill in no-bounce situations. The dome lens will spread the light everywhere to take advantage of walls and ceilings when available.

Additional fronts are also available seperately and are interchangeable with the included model.

Universal Mounting System:
Fits Canon EOS, Metz, Nikon, Olympus, Pentax, Sony, Sigma & many other external flash units.
Internal Reflectors:
Patent pending dual mirror system guarantees a larger light source before diffusion.
6″ x 4″ x 3″