Spark Pop-up Flash Diffuser

Spark Pop-up Flash Diffuser

The Spark tames the built-in flash on your dSLR camera to allow you to take beautiful pictures without the deer-in-the-headlights look.


What is the Spark?

The Spark is an accessory for your dSLR camera that makes pictures taken with the built-in pop-up flash more pleasing. By making a larger light source and taking advantage of whatever bounce is available, the Spark reduces overblown highlights and softens shadows. Watch the video above to see it in action!

Comparison photos without and with Graslon Spark

Above compares a snap shot with the pop-up flash alone to one with the Spark. When using the Spark much more depth and texture comes out instead of the relatively flat look from just the flash. Plus the shadow outline has been softened so it is not as noticeable. No settings were changed; the Spark was simply slipped on and another picture was taken (and the subject remained as still as four-year-olds can).

Below is a picture of the inside of the Spark with the front lens removed. The unique reflector system ensures that light will be distributed across the whole face of the lens without any hot spots or dead spots.

Graslon Spark without front lens

The Spark pop-up flash diffuser will work with most dSLR cameras, simply slide it into the hot shoe mount and take pictures as normal. The Spark will not inhibit the normal triggering of the flash and does not generally require that you change any settings.

Animation of mounting the Graslon Spark Flash Diffuser

What cameras will the Spark work with?

Naturally the size and shape of the pop-up flash and hot shoe varies from manufacturer to manufacturer.  This variation causes The Spark to work better on some dSLR models than others. Below is a list of manufacturers and models that we know The Spark works well with.  If your camera is not on the list feel free to take your camera into your local Graslon dealer to find out for sure.


Here is the list:


Rebel T3
Rebel XT