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What Makes Our Flash Diffuser Different?

It’s Different: Fundamentally, all diffusers are the same. Some form of translucent material is placed in front of the flash in order to scatter the light and soften shadows. The problem with this approach is that light is pretty stubborn about how it travels. It wants to go straight. This means that regardless of the shape, the size, or the material, the majority of the light doesn’t scatter or bend or do anything but head straight through the diffuser material. Every diffuser works like that.
Until now.
Using a series of patent-pending mirrors, the Graslon Flash Diffusers actually enlarges the light source before sending it through a diffusing lens. The result?
Softer Shadows. By creating not just a larger diffuser window, but by also allowing the light to travel to the furthest corners of the diffuser before reaching the diffuser lens, the light coming through the Graslon Flash Diffusers is perfectly balanced and diffuse. Instead of relying on a piece of thin material to keep the light from going straight, we entice the light with its most favorite thing–shiny stuff!And by shiny stuff we mean our oddly-shaped yet enormously effective mirror which reflects the light to its less odd but equally as effective cousin along the outer regions of the diffuser. The less-odd mirror then reflects the light through the diffuser. Of course, being friends with the light, we don’t force it to accept our shiny stuff. It may not be their thing; we don’t judge. We left a number of slits for those shyer light beams which choose to abstain to pass through and we have found that our consideration paid off. By the time the light gets to the diffuser lens it is evenly distributed from the furthest corners, across the middle, and along the side. Not a dead spot or hot spot to be found. 
But we’re not done yet. All this happens before the light even hits the one element that all flash diffusers rely on–the diffusing material. Ours is made of a slightly convex, nearly indestructible plastic covered in seven-hundred and one mini-lenses (bumps) which take the light–already spread evenly across the 5″ x 8″ surface– and puts it, well, everywhere. This results in the most amazing portable set-up you’ve ever experienced. Graslon diffusers come in two sizes with several accessories. Click here to look at all of our products

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